Applied Nostalgia – photography exhibition depicts Belgrade and Stockholm

15–31 December

Stockholm with Serbian eyes and Belgrade through a Swedish lens. Serbian photographer Sanja Knezevic and her Swedish colleague Agnete Bretan have spent the autumn taking pictures of one another’s capital cities. The result can be seen in the photography exhibition Applied Nostalgia, which is on show at the Dom Omladine cultural centre in Belgrade in December.

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Europe is not just about coal and steel or politics and economics, but also about culture. When Sweden plays host to the EU, we want to show a culture that is modern, cross-border and open. The identities of Sweden and Europe are shaped by culture and are continually evolving. Culture has never been limited by borders, and today the world is closer to us than ever before. We want this to come across in the cultural activities presented here. Whether it is art, pop music, film or circus, it is equally part of our common cultural heritage and our history. Welcome!

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