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The pages containing contact details will now be used as archives with the aim of illustrating the amount of contact details that were available during the Presidency. Email forms and telephone numbers for the individual contacts have been replaced with the number to the Government Offices switchboard. Please contact the Government Offices for up-to-date information.

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In the section below, you can search for the right contact person within different subject areas. Within each subject area, you can get in touch with people for statements, background information on a factual issue, or information on those meetings that relate to the area.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions with answers.

Denna webbplats fungerar numera som arkiv och uppdateras inte. Här fanns tidigare ett foto som är borttaget på grund av upphovsrättsliga skäl.

This website is now functioning as an archive and will not be updated. Previously there was a photo here which has been removed for copyright reasons.

Faisant dorénavant office d’archives, ce site n’est plus remis à jour. Ici se trouvait précédemment placée une photo ayant été retirée pour des raisons de droits d’auteur.

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  • What happens to the emails I submit?

    Please be aware that emails to contact persons are considered to be public documents and will therefore be entered into the relevant ministry’s register. Anyone who wishes to view received emails can contact the relevant ministry’s Senior Registry Clerk. Please note that contact persons reply to emails as time permits. During periods of high workload, there may be a delay before replies are sent. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.